Clinical Systems ClinAxys

ClinAxys® for Freezer Management

ClinAxys® provides comprehensive, tube-centric, functionality sample storage and freezer management which allows laboratory staff to ascertain which frozen samples are due for analysis and where they are located. Typical facilities include:

  • User-definable freezer parameters (racks, shelves, box dimensions)
  • Study-specific areas within a freezer allows automatic allocation of a tube to the next free location in the defined area
  • If the Logistics and Kit production module is installed, the tube labels created during kit preparation directly link the frozen tubes to freezer management as they arrive in the laboratory
  • Freezers can be grouped at different global locations with users being restricted to their local facilities
  • Flexible processing of multiple shipments of samples from the same investigator site
  • If certain tubes defined in the protocol are not received from the site, the operator registering the sample can indicate:
    • that the tube will be arriving later (putting on hold the tests associated with that tube) or
    • that the tube will never be received (the tests are set to ‘complete’)
    • Facilities for recording additional information of any tube received late (e.g. Airway Bill Number, receipt date & time)
  • User can see which samples and tubes have been booked into ClinAxys®, which samples have actually been received and allocated to a freezer or which are still at the investigator site
  • Workload forecasting to determine how many tubes are waiting to be analysed for a particular set of tests
  • Batch withdrawal of a set of tubes for analysis, thaw them, analyse them and return them to the freezer - all fully audited
  • Maximum number of freeze/thaw cycles checked at each withdrawal
  • Recording of the removal of tubes from the freezer for disposal