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Clinical Systems Exhibition and Conferences Schedule 2015/2016

Conference Location Date(s)
Partnerships in Clinical Trials Hamburg 17-19 November 2015
Pharmacovigilance Drug Safety and Risk Management Brussels 1-2 December 2015
Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials Amsterdam 1-2 December 2015
Biomarkers Congress * Manchester Central, UK 25-26 February 2016
Society of Toxicology New Orleans 14-16 March 2016
DIA Europe Meeting Hamburg 6-8 April 2016
ACRP Atlanta 16-19 April 2016
DIA USA Philadelphia 26-30 June 2016
AACC Philadelphia 31 July 4 August 2016
Partnerships in Clinical Trials Boston MA 5-7 October 2016

* Clinical Systems are exhibiting at the 11th Biomarkers Congress. The Congress offers networking and sales opportunities with senior representatives from Europe's leading Pharmaceutical, Biotech companies, Clinical Research Institutions and Academic Institutions working in the application of biomarkers across drug discovery, validation diagnostics and clinical development.

11th Annual Biomarkers Congress 25-26 February 2016, Manchester UK