ClinAxys® for Logistics, Kits and Inventory

The ClinAxys Logistics Management Module controls the issue and receipt of investigator kits and the stock of all items from which kits are assembled. It can run as a standalone module or as an integrated facility for clinical trial studies.

Features include:

  • Enables the user to design, order, and build sampling kits with minimal effort
  • Kits are assembled according to the study protocol
  • Unique labels for all tubes are printed with requisition form
  • Multiple locations may be defined for performing kit inventory and build
  • Reordering of kits based on previous study samples received from investigator site
  • Simple reporting of all costs associated with a study

The two sections within the Logistics Management Module are:

Laboratory Supplies Maintenance

  • Users can define, amend and enquire upon different types of supplies e.g. sample tubes, syringes. Re-order reports can be generated if stock levels drop below a minimum level
  • Definition of suppliers and associated information
  • Purchase and receipt of supplies, with a record of the expiry date and production batch
  • Stock lists and balances by expiry date, with an indicator showing stocks that have reached the Re-Order Level
  • Identification and management of stock that has expired or is about to expire
  • Laboratory Supplies Reports - including Supply Re-Order Level; Stock Level; Pending Stock Order and Stock Expiry report.

Investigator Kit Maintenance

  • Definition of the Investigator Kit and the items that make up the kit. The kit can be made visit- specific and, in this instance, the required tubes are automatically retrieved from Study Protocol Visit Setup
  • Internal order for a Study to be sent to kit production
  • Build a number of kits for a particular Study, Investigator and Visit; specify the list of supplies, using the earliest valid expiry date first; print Kit labels, Tube labels and Request Forms; view Kit and Tube details and define additional tubes
  • Quality check before dispatch of any batch of kits
  • Dispatch and receipt of the kits sent to and received from the Investigator
  • Enquire about the overall kit status on the Study and Investigator basis
  • Removal of Investigator kits that have expired
  • Documentation printing of Picking Lists for items; Airway Bills; Kit Labels; Request Forms; Sample Labels; Dispatch/Delivery Notes and Record of Dispatch forms to send to Monitor
  • Bulk shipment of a batch of items dispatched to a site but not associated with a particular study or Investigator, enabling the stock to be deducted and to provide a record of dispatch
  • Cascade facility to detect a kit’s arrival from an Investigator for a defined visit and automatically prompt the production and dispatch of a number of kits for future visits of this subject
  • Provision of kit based costing that links to overall study budget.
This ClinAxys module has transformed our efficiency, provided transparency on supply management and helped us to substantially cut costs.

Meaningful transparency & cost-reduction in laboratory stock management & kit production with ClinAxys®.

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