Clinical Systems - ClinAxys Laboratory Management


  • Clinical Systems delivers a one-stop solution for laboratory management in a regulated environment, from planning and customisation through to installation, training and ongoing technical support.
  • ClinAxys® can be installed as a stand-alone system or networked to interact with a laboratory or corporate database.
  • Multiple Laboratories, with their instrumentation, can be linked to a single server and database. Each laboratory can be restricted to process and view data from particular studies and locations only.
  • ClinAxys® solutions support a wide range of hardware and operating systems including Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 10 clients, Windows 2008 servers and Windows 2012 servers. Please contact us for full range of validated operating system environments.
  • A single system can support up to 512 users at a time whilst acquiring data directly from most leading on-line laboratory instruments.
  • A full list of the supported instruments is available but please enquire if the instrumentation of interest is not listed.
  • The delivery of software for new customers and as an upgrade to an existing customer is controlled throughout by well tried Standard Operating Procedures.
  • The quality control and reporting facilities offered by ClinAxys® are unrivalled. The reporting needs of each customer will be discussed prior to installation so that suitable programs from our extensive library can be selected, and if necessary modified, to exactly fit the customerís needs.