Clinical Systems ClinAxys Maintenance


  • Comprehensive support for all aspects of ClinAxys® is available from Clinical Systems, including regular new releases of the software, new software modules and additional instrumentation modules.
  • From offices in the UK, India and the USA, Clinical Systems offers comprehensive after-sales support. This can be via a remote diagnostic facility or in person.
  • The Software Maintenance Agreement provides a range of support levels which enables the customer to select the most appropriate cover for their organisation.
  • Site visits are rarely needed although they are included in the Software Maintenance Agreement for necessary situations.
  • Additional support, for example outside of normal working hours, can be purchased on an agreed cost basis, ensuring that the customer remains in control of the costs at all times.
  • New software releases within the current software product version are also included in the Software Maintenance Agreement.
  • Software Maintenance Agreements include a complete Service Level Agreement according to customer requirements and practicality.