WebAxys® - Web-based Enquiry and Reporting of current Clinical Studies

WebAxys® allows secure and controlled internal and external Internet access to central laboratory data that are held in the ClinAxys® II database. The WebAxys® database gives authorised study project team members the ability to:

  • Monitor patients’ data in close to real-time without any impact on normal laboratory operations
  • Analyse the study data to identify trends during the study without compromising raw data managed by the laboratory
  • Rapidly and efficiently distribute the results of laboratory analyses effected during clinical trials to external study project managers
  • Maintain data security and privacy with all data access controls compliant with applicable ‘Standard Operating Procedures’

WebAxys® uses an independent, self-contained Oracle database which contains data initially extracted (and subsequently continually and automatically updated) from ClinAxys® II database files. The independent Oracle database can be hosted at any convenient location.

The WebAxys® software is compatible with commonly used web browsers for Linux, Windows and Mac OS environments (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari). Fully configurable system and user security ensures that only authorised users are able to view and analyse study data, and the system retains a log of every users’ system access activities.

The Home Screen for WebAxys® is the portal through which all users access the menus and submenu options. Fully authorised users have access to all WebAxys functionality.

In combination with ClinAxys® II, WebAxys® is a highly effective and secure method of providing comprehensive laboratory data to internal and external customers without impacting day-to-day laboratory operations or compromising raw data integrity.